PU Lacquer

Brand Chandra Chemical
Surface Of Application Metal
Usage/Application Metal
Color Transparent
Packaging Size 5 liter, 10 liter, 25 liter
Category Polyurethane Lacquer
Finish High Gloss
Drying Time Surface Dry : 15-20 Min, Hard Dry : Overnight
Shelf Life 12 Month
Coverage 7 Sq. meter per liter
Form Liquid
Packaging Type Metal Container
Country of Origin Made in India
Paint Type PU Clear Lacquer
Minimum Order Quantity 5 Liter

Product Description

Two pack clear coat is a high performance 2 component clear coat formulated with superior quality acrylic polyol cure with aliphatic isocyanate. It is clear coating which offers excellent weather resistance, light fastness & UV protection.


1.     Excellent Gloss & Gloss retention.

2.     Excellent flow & leveling properties.

3.     Outstanding hardness & Elasticity.

4.     When fully cured, it forms an extremely tough & abrasion resistance finish.

5.     Excellent UV resistance.

6.     Good weathering durability.

7.     Relatively long pot life at elevated temperature.

8.     Rapid cure on room temperature.


This lacquer can be suitably applied on properly cured epoxy paint, polyurethane paint. Also use in automobile industries, car refinishing, protective coating, machineries, outdoor appliances.



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