Liquid Sodium Silicate

Liquid Sodium Silicate

  • Alkaline Sodium Silicate
  • Neutral Sodium Silicate

Uses of Liquid Sodium Silicate Alkaline :

  • Textile Printing : -For Colour Fixation on cotton textile procion printing, Sodium Silicate is PH Buffer for Printed Fabric. It improves colour Brilliancy of printed Fabric. Silicate Paddig is done in this process using padding machine.
  • Foundry : - It is used as binder in Co2 Casting. It give good finishing with smooth surface of casting without any porousity.
  • Soap and Detergents: - It is used as a filler in Soaps. It also has cleaning properties.
  • Water Proofing, Raw-material for manufacturing Sodium Meta Silicate, Paint Industry, Binder in Briquetting, Egg Preservation, Cement Concrete Densifier- GeoPolymer Cement Concrete, Raw material for Vitrified tiles & Ceramic Industries & Refractory Industries.